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About Yellow Room

about tyr


About Yellow Room

about tyr


Our philosophy


Founded in 2012 by Benjamin and Deanne, The Yellow Room is a space dedicated to the art of self discovery.

There is no one right way to the self; there are many. The key is to finding the pathway that works best for you. TYR was created with this in mind. We invite you into this space to find which way that is.

A variety of approaches are offered: insightful psychic/mediumship readings that provide healing and clarity with movement to a way forward, bodywork delivered with vibrational and crystal healing, reiki, spirit healing, emotional and physical healing through the use of essential oils, meditation for awareness, self discovery sessions, spiritual and psychic development classes and a host of imaginative and useful workshops. We look forward to helping you on your own personal journey into yourself.

Deanne and Benjamin Biography

About Benjamin

Benjamin Venes is a Melbourne based Medium, healer and artist. His purpose is to help people discover their own power, strength and wisdom through compassion, creativity and spiritual guidance.

Benjamin’s journey has taken him to India, Nepal and south east Asia, where he studied, observed and experienced the awakening of his own spiritual power.

He has spent many years dedicated to the disciplines and teachings of psychic ability and mediumship and has provided sound readings for hundreds of people from all walks of life.   He also teaches one day intensives in psychic development,  mediumship and spiritual healing;  and offers weekly classes at TYR helping those who have a desire in  developing these abilities at a more serious level. He also holds his Reiki Masters.

Benjamin's creativity has expressed itself in works of poetry, paintings and novels.  All works of art are an expression of the self, evolving into life.

About Deanne

Deanne grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia and at the age of 21, decided to discover the world. With only a bicycle and a backpack, she travelled through the South Pacific until she reached Australia in 1993.

Working with women as a personal trainer in Melbourne, she saw first hand how directly connected our health and wellbeing was to how and what we believed about ourselves.    This curiosity to know more led her to study life coaching and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) at one of Melbourne’s most recognised institutes; where she was also offered a position as Marketing Director and Sales Manager which then led her to develop her own business - coaching, mentoring and supporting women to reach their personal goals. 

After experiencing a 'dark night of the soul' in 2009,  she felt drawn to understand and know herself and others at a deeper and more profound level.  Taking only enough personal belongings to 'exist', she took an 18-month sabbatical, in Byron Bay, NSW to learn and discover more about herself and her world.  Immersing herself in Vibrational healing, Crystal healing and Past Life Regression, she returned to Melbourne in 2011 and later undertook her Reiki Masters and Meditation Instruction.  

In 2012, she co-founded ‘The Yellow Room - a gateway to self discovery’, in St Kilda, Melbourne with her fiance, Benjamin Venes. Here, through meditation and healing modalities, she brings meaningful and lasting change to the lives of those who desire a better way of living. Deanne teaches Reiki Level 1 & 2, Self Love Woman Personal Development Series and Self Love Woman Meditation.

To explore everything she offers, visit her personal site: